Or silence.

A sound experience like you've never heard before. A design that amazes, inspires and excites. The sound systems from POET. Made in Austria.

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Enjoy the easiest operation in the world: simply play music from your smartphone, without a special app, without an operating manual. We manufacture in Graz, Austria. Environmentally friendly.







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Since 2012 we develop and build unique sound systems in Graz, the stronghold for audio engineering. Cutting-edge technology and natural science are the basis of our quality.

Our stores: Klangwelten

Graz - Vienna - Munich - Leipzig - Hamburg - Berlin - Herford

Musical experience in an exclusive ambience. And competent advice with a high level. The POET Klangwelten are our own monobrand stores for demanding customers!


Hearing never lets us go

The new POET Film 2023. 
Experience the world of POET in two minutes.
With the German voice of Harrison Ford.

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Klangwelt Herford, Ahmserstraße 156, 32052
Herford, Germany
Monday - Saturday: 10:00 - 18:00