A building as if shaped by the wind

BORA building architecture

Wind is a central theme for BORA – that’s for sure. In Herford, this is turned into a range of immersive architecture in the centre of which people and experience come together. Encircled and simultaneously open to the outside by a space whose sculptural presence reveals its multidimensional aura from afar. 

Inspire me with a suggestion that does not yet exist anywhere in the world.

Willi Bruckbauer BORA Founder and CEO
BORA Herford

Building characteristics

Numbers and facts

These are numbers and facts about our BORA new build.

17 months

Construction time - The foundation stone for the BORA site in Herford was laid in March 2022.

63 square metres x2

Cabrio roof - The retractable roof of this grandiosity creates a really special room experience in beautiful weather.

KfW 55 Standard

Energy efficient - The building only requires 55 percent of the energy of a conventional new build.

2000 square metres

Construction project area - 13.5 metres high over 2000 square metres and hundred-metre long wings of steel and glass.

700 tons steel

Steel used - The special steel construction almost makes the building seem to float.

The planning office


The design of the BORA Herford building originates from Austrian office LORENZATELIERS, which designed the architecture of the other BORA locations.

You won’t get typical architecture with BORA

Implement unconventional solutions

“Nothing motivates me more than the opportunity to create unconventional solutions instead of everyday architecture while enjoying the trust of a courageous client,” commented architect Peter Lorenz. Ahead of its time and unlike anything before it – these were company founder Willi Bruckbauer’s wishes for the new building in Herford.